Monday, December 8, 2008

Gift giving on a budget

If you are like thousands off other people this year that are watching their financial statement And watching you budget then then gift giving is most likely high on your budget. There are all kind of events that you mite give a gift on some holidays, birthdays, baby showers, graduation and so on. You mite be one of those person who just like to give gifts for no reason at all. However this year you mite need to have to tighten up your spending for a while.

You can start with a budget you knew that was coming right.

One good thing is to sit down an plan your budget first for gift giving and stick to it. If you start of right doing it, you have a better chance to stick to it.

Do not worry about hurting someone feeling if you do not have a gift for them if they are you friends the would understand. I think a lot of people are in the same boat or know some one that is.

Also think about in on a larger gift with someone. Say you and your sibling buying your parents a gift from all of the children.

Remember that giving a gift should be fun an from the heart and not stressing you out. Or putting a finical burden you and your family

Remember that you do not have to wait a day or a week before and event to purchase a gift. You can start weeks or even mouths ahead of time. You will be much more relax by doing it this way.

Plan on not using a credit card use a debit card or gift card when you go to the store. That way you will only spend what you have today in your account and jeopardizing you future money. And by using a debit card will make sure stick within your budget.

You mite even think about making some homemade gifts for giving it a more personalize touch. Just don't go over board consider the cost of making it your self vs just buying out right. Like knitting a scarf that mite cost $15 for the yearn and mite take you a week or two to make it mite be easier to go out an buying one for $15.


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